Thu 08 Oct 2020 23:26

What is Walking Rugby?

Walking Rugby is a relatively new sport, which is proving very popular with the over forties. It's an enjoyable way to add some light-hearted exercise into your weekly routine.

Walking Rugby is a fun team game that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities. It is attractive to both ex-players and those who are completely new to the game. Walking Rugby is a much simpler version of the traditional game of rugby. It is much less physical than a standard game of rugby, the aim is to participate, compete and most importantly, for players to enjoy themselves.

All sessions start and finish with some gentle warm-up and warm-down exercises to help with overall fitness levels. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the pace and competitiveness of the game, while former rugby or netball players will welcome the flexibility walking rugby offers. As the name suggests, players must walk, not run but it can still be played at a good pace.

Walking Rugby is a game for both sexes, all abilities, and is suitable for anyone over 40, but any age is welcome. As it is a competitive passing game, it is particularly suitable for ex-Rugby and Netball players, injured and rehabilitating current players and those interested in Rugby but without any experience of playing. Walking Rugby is a great leveller. Players don’t need to be fit but participation will improve your fitness. 

When is it?

Walking Rugby takes place at Eccles RFC on Monday evening and runs throughout the year.

How much is it?

Match Fees are just £1.00 per session and your first time will be free. At the end of each game the bar will normally be open.

What do I need to know?

  • Scoring. Players must walk over the try line into the scoring area to score a try. Unlike traditional rugby, there’s no need to touch the ball down. In Walking Rugby, the emphasis is on having fun and participation so scores are merely announced for bragging rights.
  • Handling. Players must hold the ball in two hands once it has been caught until it is passed to another team member.
  • Passing. Players can pass the ball in any direction but passing above head height is not permitted. Passing single-handed, behind the back, and fake passing is allowed.
  • Walking. Players must walk at all times during the game, both with and without the ball and during substitutions.
  • Travelling. Players may walk in any direction for 10 metres across the pitch but must not walk for more than five metres while holding the ball
  • Possession. Players must pass the ball to another team member within three seconds at the referee’s call
  • Blocking. Blocking the path of an advancing player is permitted.
  • Contact. Physical contact is not permitted between players (apart from a steal)
  • Steal. Players can ‘steal’ the ball only by grasping it with two hands. It is not permitted to knock the ball out of another player’s hands, and the ball must not hit the ground
  • Turnover. Possession is awarded to the opposing team by the referee if the ball makes contact with the ground during passing, if the intercept is incomplete or if an opposing player tries to steal the ball once the carrier has held it for longer than three seconds. If possession is awarded, the offending team must retreat three metres
  • Restarts. Once a try has been scored, the scoring team must retreat to their half of the pitch. The opposing team is then given five seconds to reorganise within their half and awarded possession to restart by the referee.

What do I wear?

Players are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in. Our new 3G pitch surface requires studded boots to be worn. Flat soled trainers are not permitted. Jewellery must be removed before play begins. To distinguish between teams, each team is given a different coloured bib.

Are there any health requirements?

Walking Rugby is played at a pace that suits people of all physical abilities and limitations but as with any physical activity, doctor’s advice should be sought prior to participation if in doubt. Walking Rugby has been adapted from traditional rugby to meet a wide variety of fitness levels, which is part of the reason it is so popular.  To play comfortably, you need to be able to walk easily, throw and catch a ball.

How much does it cost?

Eccles RFC Walking Rugby membership for the seaosn is just £25 and registration and payment should be made via the GMS links on the website membership page. 

So now you know more about Walking Rugby, what are you waiting for? Get down and take part in a game.

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