Fri 19 Aug 2022 15:34

The club is delighted to announce that it will once again host the annual 2022 Eccles Festival this summer thanks to the generous support of our headline sponsor and local brewer  First Chop, based just 500m away from our Gorton Street ground.

The 10th Anniversary 3-Day event will take place on Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August. As we get closer, this page will be updated daily with news of teams, acts and breweries as they are confirmed. Early planning suggests there will be over 30 different Beers, over 20 different Gins, and numerous Ciders and Rums to enjoy, many of them produced by local brewers and distilleries. 

Eccles RFC has been a champion of homegrown talent since 1897 (that's right, we've been a part of this community for over 125 years) so alongside live music from local performers there will also be delicious food from local businesses and a tasty Men's rugby tournament where you're sure to see some of the district's finest athletes battling it out for local bragging rites and the chance to lift the 'Eccles Cup'. Join us for what promises to be the best Eccles Fest ever!    

This page first published Saturday 25 June 2022. Updated Friday 19 August 2022.


You don't have to be an Ale aficionado or a club member - the Eccles Festival is a community event and everyone is welcome. Entrance is just £3 per adult including Festival programme, children (under 18) are free. Drinks tokens can be purchased at the gate on arrival and CASH or CARD payments are accepted.

Visitors are NOT PERMITTED to bring their own Alcoholic Beverages into the ground.



Friday 19th 

Entrance £3 (Adults) inc Programme

14:30 Doors open 

22:30 Bars close


Saturday 20th 

Entrance £3 (Adults) inc Programme

12:30 Doors open 

13:00 - 17:00  Eccles Cup Rugby Tournament 

18:30 - 22:00 Live Music 

22:30 Bars close


Sunday 21st 

Entrance Free

12:30 Doors open

14:00- 15:30 Colts Rugby 

17:30 Bars close


With two teams pulling out at very late notice we've had to adjust the proposed tournament format to the new format, published below.  

Eccles RFC A

Eccles RFC B

Leigh RUFC

Bowdon RUFC

4 competing teams will have 15 players and 3 replacements. 

Games will be 30 mins total duration -15 mins each half with a 5 min break at half time.

5 mins will be allowed between games for teams to take/leave the field. 

All 4 teams will play three games with points awarded for the result. 

Win 4 points, Draw 2 points, Loss 1 point.

The teams with the highest points score after 3 games will be drawn to face each other in the finals. 

The teams placed 1st and 2nd will pay off for the cup, the third and fourth placed teams will play off for the bowl. 

In the event of a tie, the number of tries scored will determine result.

So, in total, all teams will enjoy 4 games and 120 minutes of rugby.

During the matches a collection will be held along the touchline with cash collected in the Eccles Cup.

The tournament winner takes all - the Eccles Cup and the donations for the nominated charity of thier choice.  

1300 (pitch 1) Eccles A v Bowdon 

1300 (pitch 2) Eccles B v Leigh 

1340 (pitch 1) Eccles A v Eccles B 

1340 (pitch 2) Leigh v Bowdon

1420 (pitch 1) Eccles A v Leigh
1420 (pitch 2) Eccles B v Bowdon


1500 Finalists announced 

1510 (pitch 2) Bowl Final

1520 (pitch 1) Cup Final 

1600 Cups awarded

1700 Charity Donations total announced

Chris Lee
Philip Gill  
Simon Keeley
Simon Birch
Alan Woods
Paul  Meehan 



First Chop (Salford)

POW – Juicy Session IPA (4.1) p | Large amounts of everything! Oats and wheat give this beer its hefty body, balanced out by a mixture of Wai-Iti and Amarillo. A wonderful bouquet of peach and stone fruit. Hazy, juicy and refreshing.

POP - Citrus IPA (5.4) p | American style IPA, a ale amber hue with lots of juicy fruit flavours from the citra and summit hops. Orange peel in the whirlpool to give this beer its distinctive orangey edge.

POD - Vanilla Oatmeal Stout (4.2) | Approachable, deep dark stout using oats for a lovely smooth mouthfeel. Coffee and chocolate notes come from the premium malted barley and a vanilla hit that melds beautifully with the chocolate profile at the base of this beer.

Citra/Eldorado DDH - Hazy Pale (4.0) | A firm favourite of their rotating DDH series.  Here, crowd pleasing Citra provides notes of grapefruit while El Dorado brings hints of candy and tropical fruits to the party.

Hallertau/Saaz DDH - Hazy Pale (4.0) |  The latest in the First Chop DDH hazy pale series.  This time dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Saaz for herbal, grassy and gooseberry notes with a lingering slight spice finish.

MCR - Bitter (4.4) | A new take on a classic Manchester Bitter Pale, amber in colour with a rich malty body and a sweet citrus hop aroma.

JAM - Mango Pale (4.0) | A mash up of wonderful malts and American hops. Lovely golden colour and fruity aroma comes from the comet and cascade hops. The beautiful mango flavours in this beer this bring the whole thing together giving you a wonderfully refreshing ale.

BER - Double Cherry Sour – (6.5) | A brand new double cherry sour!  Inspired by a classic Berliner Weisse with plenty of wheat and German Pilsen malt, doubled up to 6.5%.  A strong thick body, naturally soured to give a tart tang, balanced out with over 100kg of real fruit sweet cherry purée!!

LAGER – (4.3) Brand new line.  Developed in conjunction with the Angel PH in Stockport. It’s so new at time of going to press we don’t have tasting notes.



Strange Times  (Salford) 

Neo Cosmo Blonde - Blonde (4.1)  p |  Bursting with the citrussy freshness of New World hops. The badge imagery is based on the Earth goddesses of the old religions, Cybele, Artemis, Freyja, Epona and Danu.

Mild - (4.3) |  New line launched at Chorlton Beer Festival.

Pooka Citris – Table Beer (2.8) | An all day thirst quencher.

Sweeny Irish Red – Red Ale (4.6) p | Inspired by the turbulent life of Buile Suibhne, our Irish red ale is smooth and balanced enough to calm ever the mad King himself.  Suibhne was an Irish king, driven mad by a curse put on him at the battle of Mag Rath after he killed a psalmist with a spear. 



Pomona Island (Salford) 

Chubby Rain - Pale (4.2) | Pale with notes of Passion Fruit and Tangerine

Project Graham – Table Beer (3.3) | Grapefruity Small Pale  



Seven Brothers (Salford) 

Hoppy Pale - Pale Ale (3.8) | A delicious and thirst quenching session pale ale that delivers massive citrus aromas and tropical flavours, Hoppy Pale will hit your palate and leave you wanting more.

Zesty Pale – Pale (4.2) | Crisp, clean and refreshing summer pale with tropical notes of grapefruit and mango courtesy of Jester, Olicana and Cascade hops brewed at a perfectly sessionable abv.



Marble (Salford) 

Hindmarsh - Pale (3.7) | A smooth session beer driven with amarillo hops bring flavours of tropical fruits rounded with distinct notes of soft lemon and bright zesty orange. Leaving you racing for the next sip.

Extra Spec Marble – Strong Ale (5.5) | Deep amber in colour, a malt base of toffee, caramel, biscuit and toasted nuts; intermingles perfectly with a measured hoppiness giving notes of tangerine marmalade and citrus with a lasting and supreme finish of grapefruit zest bitterness.



Hydes (Salford)

Lowry – Golden (4.7) | The use of Pale Ale malts with Citra and Chinook hops ensures mighty levels of bitterness with citrus fruit and tropical flavours.  A beer for the “hop heads” and true work of art!

1863 – Chestnut Pale (3.5) | Brewed using Pale Ale and Crystal malts with the addition of a small amount of caramel, this delicious beer is guaranteed to satisfy the mightiest thirst!

Costa Monger – Red ale (5.0) | A dark ruby red English ale boasting rich fruity flavours originating from a lavish blend of roasted cereals and malt.  Bitterness is medium in strength from the use of English Target and Challenger hops.

Fruity Pig – Golden (3.5) | A golden coloured ale bursting with rich citrus flavours from the use of US hops, Citra and Amarillo.



Blackjack (Manchester) 

Wisdom & Effect – IPA (5.5) | Deep brown, Big bold marmalade and dark sugar from the malt with a huge 11g/l DDH hopping of British dry hop to complete. Heritage IPA, not to be confused with imitations.


Session IPA – IPA (4.5) - Galaxy Comet West Coast



Squawk (Manchester)

Pavo – Pale (3.8) | Classic cask pale, balanced and deeply drinkable. Delicately straw coloured and dry hopped with Mosaic for fruity tropical aroma.



Bank Top (Bolton)

Flat Cap – Golden Ale (4.0) |  Their signature beer, a pale bitter with a citrus aroma and hoppy citrus finish.

Drayman’s Draught - Pale (3.6) | This American hopped pale ale has a strong citrus flavour with a bitter hoppy aftertaste.

Palomino Rising – IPA (5.0) | A pale and refreshing bitter with a tropical fruit aroma and a dry bitter citrus finish



Lancaster  (Lancashire) 

Cascade – Golden (4.2) | Golden ale using the cascade hop

Jupiter - Blonde (4.1) | Blonde ale, using British hops



Dunham Massey  (Bowdon)

Lt Bollington – Bitter (3.7) p | A light, easy drinking, pale session bitter, with a crisp bitter finish.

Porter –  (5.2) p | A multi-award winning porter. Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2014. Classic old style English porter. Dark, creamy, full bodied and packed with flavour.

Blossom Honey – Honey beer (4.3) p | Duerr's Blossom Honey Beer is an award winning seasonal beer. Light, refreshing and bitter-sweet, made with lashings of Duerr's Blossom Honey.



Amstell (Amsterdam) 

Crisp premium lager -  (4.1) | Subtle citrus and herbal hop character and clean bitter finish. Named after the river Amstel which flows through the city and alongside the brewery.

Heineken (Amsterdam)

Full-bodied premium lager - (5) | Deep golden colour, a mild bitter taste and a balanced hop aroma leaving a crisp, clean finish. The UK's first ever lager to be served on tap. Named after Gerard Heineken who put his name on the family brewery n 1873.




Dunham Press  (Dunham Massey)

Holy Trinity Perry – (6.0) | Medium Sweet

Early Bird – (5.8) | Medium Dry


Olivers Cider (Herefordshire) 

Shezam - (6.0) | Medium

Yarlington Mill - (5.9) | Medium Sweet


Our outdoor festival bar is sponsorsed by First Chop.

Our indoor festival bar is sponsorsed by Heineken.

We support the Campaign for Real Ale and our local CAMRA branch is Salford & District

Barrells sponsored by: Be Sustainable Ltd, Sean Baines Plumbing & Heating, Parkside Windows, The Waterside Monton; ABC Ltd, ATD Garden Maintenance, Simon Holland, Andy Brunt, Henryk Getz, Impact Catering, Alan Bent, Mark Dutton.


4 Sisters (Salford) Lime & Thyme Gin (40%) | Copper pot distilled.

4 Sisters (Salford) Signature Gin (40%) | Copper pot distilled.

4 Sisters (Salford) Passion & Cardamon Gin (37.5%) | Copper pot distilled.

4 Sisters (Salford) Cherry Gin (37.5%) |Copper pot distilled.

4 Sisters (SalfordLemon & Basil Gin (37.50%) | Copper pot distilled.

Singsby (Harrogate) Rhubarb Gin (40%) | Locally sourced botanaticals, combined with sweet yorkshire rhubarb.

Warners (Northhamptonshire) Rhubarb Gin (40%) | Fresh, Tangy, sweet made with freshly pressed Rhubarb on Fall Farm. 

Whitley Neill (Liverpool) Rhubarb & Ginger Gin (43%) | Tart, crisp edge, warmed by ginger, full bodied, complex finish. 

Boë (Edinburgh) Violet Gin (41.5%) | Small Batch, award wining gin, infused with violets to create a light delicate taste. 

Hendricks (Ayrshire) Gin | 41.4 % | Traditional botanicals, Corriander, Citrus peel infused with cucumber and rose petals. 

Hendricks (Ayrshire) Neptunia Gin (43.4 %) | Infused with a blend of locally sourced coastal botanicals, smooth citrus finish. 

Brockmans (London) Gin (40%) | Premium, smooth, blueberrys, blackberrys, bitter sweet orange peel, lemon, corrinander. 

Bombay Sapphire (London) Gin (40%) | 1761 recipe, smooth, complex, elegant, light spice finish. 

Bombay Citron Pressé (London) Gin (37.5%) | Inspired by the Tom Collins cocktail, zest of mediterranean lemons. 

Tanqueray (London)  Flor de Sevilla Gin  (41.3%) | Made with Bittersweet Seville Oranges 

Gordons (London) Mediterranean Orange Gin (37.5%) | Zesty, refreshing, inspired by a 1929 Gordons recipe. 

Gordons (London) White Peach Gin (37.5%) | Elegant, sweet notes of peach balanced with classic Gordons.

Gordons (London) Premium Pink Gin (37.5%) | Sweet Raspberry and Strawberry with the tang of red currant.

Ophir (London) Dry Gin (40 %) | Spices of the Orient, hand-picked botancials, cubebs, cardimon, tellicherry pepper.

Mermaid Pink (Isle of Wight) Gin (38 %) | Aromatic, strawberries, lemon zest, fragrant rock samphire. 

Mermaid (Isle of Wight) Dry Gin (42 %) | Local botanicals, smooth, complex, lemon zest, peppery, rock samphire. Refreshing.


Salford Rum Co. (Salford) 

Spiced Rum – (40 %) | Small batch, golden spiced rum, column distilled in the shadows of old Salford Docks, infused with vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and dried Caribbean fruits.

Dark Spice – (40%) | Blended and bottled in Salford, using Barbados rums matured in ex-Bourbon, American white oak casks for a distinct spice blend of vanilla, coconut, burnt caramel and cloves. Perfect with cola or ginger beer.

Honey Rum – (37.5 %) | Gloriously smooth, naturally sweet and floral notes, using the finest honey from Salford hives close to the famous docks, for well-balanced flavour with notes of honeycomb, caramel and butterscotch.

4 Sisters (Salford) 

Spiced Rum - (37.5%) | Blend of Caribbean inspired rum crafted with spices, warmed with vanilla and caramel. Delicious over ice, or mixed with cola or ginger beer.

Spirit of Manchester (Manchester) 

One-Eyed Rebel Spiced Rum - (40%) | Small Batch, hand crafted. Distilled at the award-winning Spirit of Manchester Distillery. A botanical spiced rum cut deep with ginger, sweeping undercurrents of vanilla and a flaming heart of rich cassia. Perfect with fresh lime and topped up with coke, ginger beer or on the rocks. Awarded Gold at the World Rum Awards. 

One-Eyed Rebel Black Cherry Rum - (40%) |A big pop of cherry at its heart. Warming cassia and dried fruits blend perfectly with ginger and vanilla.

Our Gin & Rum bar is sponsorsed by TRS Europe Ltd


Our Coffee Shop and Food Vendors accept CASH or CARD payments.

Sosoe's Kitchen (South African syle Street Food)

Hog Roast  (secret recipe seasoned, slow roasted for 6 hours on a rotisserie spit, over a bannana leaf lined pit of Hawaiian lava coals, served in the traditional Puerto Rican style in a buttered Barm)


Saturday 6.30pm-7.30pm The Heights sponsored by A&K Auto Repairs Ltd

Saturday 8pm - 10pm The Mearcatz sponsored by ABC Ltd


Eccles RFC welcomes all friendly dogs with well-behaved owners. If you are a Dog, please follow our guidelines. 

  • Keep your owner under control by means of a lead at all times.
  • When nature calls, please instruct your owner to clean it up.
  • Do not allow your owner to take you onto the playing field.
  • If you can not find a supply of water, please ask.

Thank you and good sniffing.


The Festival is hosted at Eccles RFC, Gorton Street, Eccles, M30 7LZ.  Limited car parking is available on site. Do not drink and drive. We encourage the use of public transport or Taxi.


The nearest train station is Patricroft. From here we are 15 mins walk (sober).


The nearest Metrolink Station is Eccles.  From here we are a 10 min journey by Taxi or Bus.

To catch a bus take a short walk from the Eccles Metrolink to the Eccles Interchange.


From the Eccles Interchange (or from Shudehill Interchange Manchester) take the 10 or 67 Bus and alight on Liverpool Rd at the junction with Peel Green Rd, from here we're 8 mins walk.

Alternatively, take the 66 Bus and alight on New Lane, opposite Guildford Rd. Fom here we are a 5 min walk.

From Moorside / Swinton Train Station take the 66 Bus, alight on New Ln, opposite Guildford Rd. From here we are a 5 min walk.

From Walkden Shopping Centre / Walkden Train Stn / Worsley Green take the 20 Bus, alight on Worsley Rd at junction with Parrin Ln and from here its a 17 mins walk.


The Eccles festival is a fund-raising event. All support and help is welcome. If your business or your employer would be interested in the sponsorship opportunites available please email If you would like to do your bit and join the Eccles Festival event team please email  Anyone can get involved, no previous experience is required and training will be provided.  

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